Export IT Japan Advantage

The Export IT Japan Advantage

Export IT Japan saves clients time and maximizes their sales in Japan, leveraging our relationships, market knowledge, and having a local presence in Tokyo.
ExportIT Japan has an extensive contacts database of key decision-makers in Japan's leading ICT companies, more often that not, with a personal relationship too.
ExportIT Japan has an established reputation for introducing quality software & SaaS solutions into the Japanese market
ExportIT Japan offers a unique approach to the Japanese market by prospecting and closing the initial one or two sales – localising the software and marketing material – providing local support and thereby making the package more attractive to potential Business Partner(s)
This unique approach is a quicker and more certain road to sales, while at the same time, reducing the time that clients need to spend in Japan.
By gaining initial sales quickly, localising the software and marketing material, while providing local support and native speaker communication, we are well placed to attract suitable Business Partners, Resellers and customers for your company.

We Understand The Culture

Many people tell us that it had taken them one to two years to find a Japanese distributor and 3 to 5 visits, and they still were not certain if they had found the most suitable Business Partner. Often the Distributor made no sales in the first 2 or 3 years. Others had mentioned the problems that they often encountered with language – especially with exact meanings, while others mentioned a few difficulties with understanding the culture – especially as it related to doing business – closing the sale, etc..