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STEERING a company into the International market for the first time, or expanding an already exporting operation, is a challenging and often daunting task.

However when it is done correctly it can also be an exhilarating and, above all, very rewarding experience for any company.

"The key is to go about it the right way, to choose the correct course of action, and then to select the right entry model for the target market," according to Robert Wilson, the founder of Export IT.

In a remarkable and highly successful business career, Robert has taken many software companies International, not only to most countries in the developed world, but also to emerging nations. "There is a lot involved prior to going global, and companies need to be aware of this," says Robert.

This includes identifying if there is an International market for the product, positioning, brochures, messages, promotion, exhibiting, grants, ideal client, ideal Partner, country focus, finding the right Partner, selling concept, negotiating agreement, pricing, support, training, knowledge transfer, visiting prospects, and getting company personnel involved.

Robert's career developed from a solid accounting background into Financial Modelling, then General Management, Channel Management, International Marketing, Sales, and Consulting.

For the last 20 years he has worked with Australian and European software development companies, taking them International.

He has travelled extensively, mainly from a base in Australia, with short periods working in the USA and Germany, a year in Belgium, and three years in Great Britain.

Robert now uses his extensive International IT marketing experience to assess an Australian company's readiness for a move into the International market.

This is achieved by determining whether its software applications have the necessary "wow" factor to attract and succeed in a global market, advising and assisting where necessary in the process of 'going global', and ultimately securing a win/win situation for the company and the foreign partner.

Robert has developed a unique insight into how to take Australian companies into the International market.

Having recently closed a major localisation deal with one of China's leading IT companies, Robert is keen to open this market up to more Australian companies. "The potential for early entrants is huge," he says.

A key to success is his ability to maintain long-standing links with people in many countries. "Sustained, enduring relationships are important," says Robert, who has sold into more than 40 countries. "People need to get to know you, to trust you, to like you, and this takes time."

Interwoven with this is the capacity and the empathy to appreciate differing cultures and different markets, and be able to communicate well with the various nationalities.

Robert has experienced how business is done in the global market of IT.

"One of the beauties of my hands-on approach is that I often work from within a company, with the key people developing their International marketing strategy. Then we go about implementing it together."

"Having me take charge of their entry into the International market allows the key people within the company to get on with what they do and enjoy best - creating, planning and developing software."

For companies contemplating entering the International market, Robert sees tremendous opportunities for expanding the sale of Australian software.

"Our task is to show companies the right course for going global," he says. "It's an exciting and challenging opportunity."