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Introducing Export IT Japan

ExportIT Japan is a related company, with a Tokyo based IT Business Development and Sales team, a Unique Business Model that assists and guides Australian high-tech companies to sell their software and establish a successful sales channel in Japan. Export IT Australia and Export IT Japan staff, have been working well together for a number of years.

About Export IT Japan

ExportIT Japan assists with localisation, makes initial end-user Sales, identifies suitable Business Partners, and provides Technical support, Help-desk & Training to build your foundation for success in the Japanese market.

Export IT Japan Clients

Benefit from having our Sales & Technical experienced team in Tokyo, experienced in Localisation issues and with extensive knowledge of the IT market.

Why Japan?

Japan ranks second only to the USA in IT market size, it is the world's 3rd largest economy. Japanese companies represent around 20% of the world's top Global 500 corporations. Your IP is safer here than in most other parts of the world and you’re almost guaranteed to be paid on-time, every-time.

Why Export IT Japan?

ExportIT Japan saves clients time, while maximizing their sales opportunities, leveraging our business relationships, market knowledge, and having a local presence in Tokyo. Members of our team have studied and worked in the USA, so their English is near perfect.