Market Ready Assessment

Business Review

• A review as to where you are and what you may still need to do, to enter international markets.
• Specifying the ideal customer and the ideal Business Partner.
• Developing a plan and a schedule for moving into the Japanese Market.
• Determining the 'wow' factor.

Business Market Intelligence

• Evaluating the opportunity in Japan to see where you could position your software and identifying the competition.
• Arranging participation in Japanese trade fairs and Australian Export trade missions.
• Business Partner Matching - Searching and identifying suitable Business Partners in Japan, identifying, seeking, approaching, convincing, negotiating agreement, etc.

Business Management

• Looking at your business with a fresh pair of eyes, to see how you may improve your operations in preparation for entry into the Japanese market ( and further expansion globally.)
• Setting strategies for maximising your potential in Japan, identifying which companies / Industries to target, when, and the entry model that suits your goals and resources, including own office, Business Partners, appointing Export I.T. Japan and OEM.
• Business Partner Management
• An ongoing role in managing the BP relationship including training, knowledge transfer, sales presentations, seminars, incentives, etc.