Improve Students’ English Pronunciation

with SpeechAce


Fine grained real-time speech recognition.

SpeechAce is a speech recognition software that assists language learners in improving their pronunciation and lowering their accent. This system is different from other speech recognition technologies because of the ability to recognize individual syllables and phonemes in any audio sample. SpeechAce is then able to pinpoint the exact syllables and phonemes that a user is speaking incorrectly.

The ability to visually identify incorrect syllables and phonemes speeds up the user’s learning time tremendously because the user is able to see where they are making a mistake instead of trying to hear their mistakes.

The best part is that you can use your curriculum directly, so SpeechAce can easily become an extension of your courses, and provide extra homework with accurate feedback. 

Note: SpeechAce works seamlessly with Moodle and Blackboard systems, and allows single sign-ons for students.

See 4 demo videos of SpeechAce in action!

Demo 1 – Single Words
Demo 2 – Sentences
Demo 3 – Teacher’s View
Demo 4 – Pilot Training (Special Terms and Phrases)

Click Play to See Demo 1 – Single Words

Click Play to See Demo 2 – Sentences

Click Play to See Demo 3 – Teacher’s View

Click Play to See Demo 4 – Specific Terms & Phrases (Pilot Training)

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